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Land Rover Discovery: Map screen

Map screen

  1. Touch to select the NAV MENU.
  2. Touch to select the ROUTE menu.
  3. Touch to set a selected destination.
  4. Touch to show information for a Point of Interest (POI), or for traffic information.
  5. Touch to reduce the map size.
  6. Drag the indicator along the scale to enlarge or reduce the map size, or touch the line for the position required.
  7. Touch to enlarge the map size.
  8. Touch to change between estimated time to destination and distance to destination.
  9. Next manoeuvre icon and the distance to the next manoeuvre. Touch to hear voice guidance for the next manoeuvre.
  10. ouch to select the SETTINGS pop-up menu, followed by Navigation, to view the NAVIGATION SETTINGS screen.
  11. Indicates the vehicle's position on the set route.
  12. The route that has been set.


To view the NAVIGATION SETTINGS menu, select Navigation from the GENERAL SETTINGS menu. The NAVIGATION SETTINGS menu contains the following options:

  • Speed limit warning.

Note: When the Speed limit warning feature is in operation, it will only register the official speed limit for the road; it will not register any temporary speed limits (e.g., speed limits for: road works, congestion, fog, etc.).

Also, speed limits shown are only accurate up to the last map update.

  • Guidance.
  • POI list sorting.
  • GPS: Select to set the coordinate format.
  • Map Display Mode: Select to set Day, Night, or Automatic as an option.
  • Map View: Select 2D or 3D.
  • Orientation.
  • Current Street.
  • Auto Zoom.
  • Show POI Icons.
  • POI icon list (only available when Show POI Icons is selected).
  • TMC Incidents.
  • Speed and Flow.
  • 3D City Models.
  • 3D Landmarks.
  • Digital Terrain Model.
  • Park Areas.
  • Railroads.
  • City Areas.
  • River Names.
  • System Information.


Touch the Guidance option on the SETTINGS menu, to view the following options:

  • Play Voice Guidance Prompts.
  • Lane Recommendation.
  • Junction View.
  • TMC Route Mode.
  • TMC Avoidance Types: Select to switch the following ON/OFF:
  • Accidents.
  • Closures.
  • Traffic flow.
  • Lane Restrictions.
  • Others
  • Avoid (only available when under guidance).


To set route guidance, select Where To? on the NAV MENU to view the following options:

  • Address: Touch to view the following options:
  • Enter Town.
  • Enter Post Code.
  • Enter Country.
  • Recent: Select to view a list of recent destinations; touch the required destination from the list.
  • Point of interest (POI): Select to view the POI list of locations and public places.
  • Favourites: Select to view a list of favourite destinations.
  • Go Home: Select to enter the destination as a home address, or to select a preset home address destination.
  • Intersection: Select and enter the area required (City, Town, etc.) followed by 2 street names, to find an Intersection destination.
  • GEO Coordinate: Select to enter a known GEO Coordinate as a destination.

    A GEO Coordinate can be obtained from a handheld GPS receiver, a map, or the Navigation system.

  • Point on Map: Use to select a destination directly from the map screen. By selecting a street segment or icon, you can quickly enter a destination without the need to input the city name or street.
  • Town Centre: Select to enter the name of a town. The Navigation system will calculate a route to the centre of the town entered.
  • Closest Cities: Select to view a list of the closest cities.
  • Phone Number: Select and enter a known phone number as a destination.


     Points of interest (POI)

    To set a destination from the selection of POIs: In Where To?, touch Point of Interest to view the following list: All Categories. Gas Stations. Restaurants. Hotels. ATM / banking. Enter Name.

     Navigation terms and conditions

    The data ("Data") is provided for your personal, internal use only and not for resale. It is protected by copyright, and is subject to the following terms and conditions which are agreed to by you, on

     Fuel and refuelling


     Steering Column Steering Column (G1816641) / Removal and Installation

    REMOVAL CAUTION: Make sure that the road wheels are in the straight ahead position. NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. Make the SRS system safe. Refer to: Standard Workshop Practices (100-00 General Information, Description and Operation). Refer to: Steering Whe

     Steering Angle Sensor

    The steering angle sensor is integrated into the clockspring. The clockspring is mounted to the upper steering column with two screws, and receives an electrical supply from the main harness via a multi-pin connector located on the side of the unit. The module provides the location and electrical

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