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Land Rover Discovery: Instrument panel menu

Instrument panel menu

A number of vehicle features and display settings may be configured via the Instrument panel menu.

To display and navigate through the Instrument panel menu, operate the menu control on the steering wheel.

  1. Steering wheel menu control: Press to activate the menu, then use as follows:
  • Press the up/down arrow to scroll up or down through a list.
  • Press the right arrow to view a sub-list.
  • Press the left arrow to return to the previous menu.
  • Press the OK button to select the highlighted item from a list.
  1. Close and return to the Main Menu.
  2. Access the Driving Features menu.
  3. Access the Trip Computer menu.
  4. Access the Instrument Display menu.
  5. Access the Head-Up Display (HUD) menu.
  6. Access the Vehicle Set-Up menu.

Before making any changes to the Vehicle Set-Up, you must make sure that you have read and fully understood, the relevant topics/ sections of the Owner's Handbook. Failure to do so could lead to serious injury or death.

  1. Access the Vehicle Info menu.

Note: Only available before the engine starts.


Do not ignore warning messages, take appropriate action as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in serious damage to the vehicle.

If the message is suppressed, an amber or red warning icon will remain illuminated until the cause of the message is rectified.

For information regarding the individual messages, their meanings, and any action required, please refer to the relevant section within this handbook.

If more than 1 message is active, each is displayed in turn for 2 seconds, in order of priority.

Note: Messages are displayed in order of importance. High importance warning messages are given the highest priority.

Warning messages may be accompanied by an audible warning, and the message text may have the handbook symbol next to it. Warning messages are displayed until the condition causing the fault is rectified or the message is suppressed using the OK button on the steering wheel.


The Trip computer memory stores data for a journey, or series of journeys, until it is reset to zero.

There are 3 trip memories available, Trip A, Trip B and Trip Auto. You can specify which trip memory is viewable, using the Instrument panel menu.


     Using the trip computer

    The Trip computer is able to display various pieces of information to the driver. A short press (1 second or less) of the i button will display the Trip computer menu in the Instrument panel. The o

     Head up display

    The Head-Up Display (HUD) feature projects driver information onto the inside of the windscreen. The information displayed is as follows: Current gear selected. Follow mode is active. Cruise con

     Warning lamps


     Navigation System / Diagnosis and Testing

    PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION For a detailed description of the Navigation System, refer to the relevant Description and Operation section in the workshop manual. REFER to: Navigation System (415-01 Information and Entertainment System, Description and Operation). INSPECTION AND VERIFICATION CAUTION: Diag

     Accessory Drive - Ingenium i4 2.0l Diesel Accessory Drive Belt (G1882049) / Removal and Installation

    REMOVAL NOTES: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. Engine shown removed for clarity. Disconnect the battery ground cable. Refer to: Specifications (414-01 Battery, Mounting and Cables, Specifications). WARNING: Make sure to support the vehicle with axle stands. Rai

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