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Land Rover Discovery: Wheel changing safety

Before raising the vehicle or changing a wheel, make sure that you read and comply with the following warnings:

  • Always find a safe place to stop; off the highway and away from traffic.
  • Do not jack the vehicle if it is over a metal grating or manhole cover.

    Make sure the vehicle is on firm, level ground.

  • Make sure that the jack is on firm, level ground.
  • Apply the Electric Parking Brake (EPB). Engage Park (P) on automatic vehicles, select first or reverse gear on manual vehicles.
  • Switch on the hazard warning lamps.
  • Make sure that the front wheels are in the straight ahead position, and engage the steering lock.
  • Disconnect any trailer/caravan from the vehicle.
  • Make sure that all passengers, and animals, are out of the vehicle and in a safe place away from the highway.
  • Place a warning triangle at a suitable distance behind the vehicle, facing towards oncoming traffic.
  • Remove the spare wheel before jacking the vehicle, to avoid destabilising the vehicle, when raised.
  • Never place anything between the jack and the ground, or the jack and the vehicle.


  • Take care when loosening the wheel nuts. The wheel brace may slip off if not properly attached, and the wheel nuts may give way suddenly. Either unexpected movement, may cause an injury.
  • Take care when lifting the spare wheel, and removing the punctured wheel. The wheels are heavy and can cause injuries if not handled correctly.
  • Position the jack from the side of the vehicle, in line with the appropriate jacking point.
  • Do not attempt to raise the vehicle unless the jack head is fully engaged in the jacking point.
  • Only jack the vehicle using the approved jacking points.
  • The jack is designed for wheel changing only. Never work beneath the vehicle with the jack as the only means of support.
  • Always use correctly rated vehicle support stands, before putting any part of your body beneath the vehicle.
  • Always use the complete jacking lever assembly throughout the tyre changing process, to minimise any chance of accidental injury.
  • Do not start or run the engine while the vehicle is supported only by a jack.


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