Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Tool kit

5 seat vehicles

Lift the loadspace floor to access the temporary use spare wheel and tool kit.

5 seat vehicles

  1. Temporary use spare wheel locking ring.
  2. Temporary use spare wheel retaining bolt.
  3. Tool kit retaining bolt.
  4. Jack.
  5. Wheel brace.

Secure the spare wheel, or the removed wheel, in the correct position using the retaining bolt.

7 seat vehicles

Lift the loadspace floor to access the tool kit.

7 seat vehicles

  1. Wheel chocks.
  2. Wheel brace.
  3. Locking wheel nut adaptor.
  4. Jack.
  5. Winch handle for lowering the temporary use spare wheel.
  6. Rear bumper cover removal tool.

Note: Examine the jack occasionally, clean and grease the moving parts, particularly the screw thread, to prevent corrosion.


     Removing the spare wheel

    Remove the temporary spare wheel prior to jacking the vehicle, to avoid destabilising the vehicle when raised. Wheels are heavy and if handled incorrectly may cause injury. Use extreme caution

     Using wheel chocks

    Note: Not all vehicles have wheel chocks supplied as part of the tool kit. Wheel chocks are a useful addition to a vehicle's tool kit. Note the following advice when using wheel chocks: Before raisi

     Wheel changing

    Before raising the vehicle, refer to all warnings at the beginning of this section of the Owner's Handbook. Before changing a wheel, read and observe the warnings If your vehicle is fitted with side s


     Automatic Transmission  Transaxle / Description and operation

    COMPONENT LOCATION Paddle switches - upshift / downshift Transmission Control Switch (TCS) Transmission Control Module (TCM) ZF 9HP48 Automatic transmission Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) cooler with integrated thermostat OVERVIEW The ZF 9HP48 automatic transmission is a 9 speed, electr

     Telephone system overview

    For information on connecting a Bluetooth phone or device. Note: Some Telephone system features will not operate unless the SD card supplied with the vehicle is inserted correctly into the SD card slot. Change device: Touch to search for a new, or change to another paired phone or device. Mes

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