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Land Rover Discovery: Single locking

Before exiting the vehicle, always make sure that the correct gear for parking is selected, the engine is switched off, the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is applied, and the Smart key is removed from the vehicle.

Press the lock button on the Smart key briefly to lock the vehicle and activate the Perimeter alarm. The hazard warning lamps flash to confirm.

Single locking secures the vehicle and prevents the doors from being opened from the outside. The doors may still be unlocked and opened from inside the vehicle. In this state, only the Perimeter alarm is activated.

Note: This setting should be used in circumstances, such as a ferry crossing, when pets are to be left in the vehicle, or if a window must be left open, etc.

Note: Always secure your vehicle when left unattended. Where possible, always secure your vehicle to the maximum available level of security.


Never Double lock the vehicle with people, children or pets inside. In the event of an emergency, they would be unable to escape and the emergency services would be unable to release them quickly.

Press the lock button on the Smart key twice within three seconds to Double lock the vehicle and activate the Full alarm system. The hazard warning lamps flash twice to confirm and a Double lock tone sounds.

Double locking secures the vehicle and prevents the doors being opened from inside or outside of the vehicle. The doors cannot be unlocked or opened from inside the vehicle when Double locked.

This provides extra security if the vehicle is left unattended. The vehicle cannot be opened by breaking a window and operating the door locks from inside.

Additionally, Double locking also activates the Full alarm system.

Note: In this state, an open glass area may cause the alarm to sound, due to the movement of air currents. Make sure that they are fully closed before Double locking the vehicle.


If you are uncertain whether the vehicle is locked and armed (either by Single or Double locking), press either the Smart key lock button or, if Keyless entry is fitted, touch an exterior door handle lock sensor.

The hazard warning lamps flash once to indicate and confirm the current lock status.

Note: If the vehicle is not already locked and armed, press the lock button once to Single lock the vehicle.


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