Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Opening the bonnet

Opening the bonnet

  1. Pull the bonnet release lever, located in the left-side front footwell.
  2. Lift the bonnet safety catch, located below the centre point of the bonnet, then raise the bonnet.


Do not drive with the bonnet retained by the safety catch alone.

  1. Lower the bonnet until the safety catch engages.
  2. Using both hands, press the bonnet down until the catches click.
  3. Check that both catches are engaged by trying to lift the front edge of the bonnet.


Left-side under bonnet cover

Left-side under bonnet cover

  1. Unscrew the turnbuckles clips counter-clockwise and remove.
  2. Lift the front edge of the cover and slide it forwards to remove.

Right-side under bonnet cover

Right-side under bonnet cover

  1. Pull the cover securing catch towards the front of the vehicle, to release.
  2. While still holding the cover securing catch, lift up the edge of the cover to remove.


Left-side under bonnet cover

Before refitting the under bonnet cover, make sure no pipes, cables or other items, have been trapped between the cover and the casing.

  1. Place the under bonnet cover over the casing, making sure that all of the holes are aligned.
  2. Push the cover down firmly and screw the turnbuckle clips clockwise to tighten.

Right-side under bonnet cover

  1. Place the 2 locating lugs at the rear edge of the cover into the surrounding panel.
  2. Press the cover down to engage the cover securing catch.


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