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Land Rover Discovery: DAB  Radio controls

DAB  Radio controls

  1. Stations: Touch to select the station list for the selected waveband.
  2. Source: Touch to select the media source list.
  3. Status icons: When a phone is connected, the battery level, and network signal strength is displayed.

    Also, when selected, TA (Traffic announcements).

  4. Seek down: Touch to auto-seek down the frequency to the next radio station.
  5. Seek down: Touch to auto-seek down the frequency to the next radio ensemble.
  6. The selected radio ensemble name.
  7. The selected radio station name.
  8. Seek up: Touch to auto-seek up the frequency to the next radio ensemble.
  9. Seek up: Touch to auto-seek up the frequency to the next radio station.
  10. Waveband image (if available).
  11. Information from the selected station.
  12. Station presets:
  • Touch and release to tune to the radio station stored on that preset.
  • Touch and hold to store the current radio station on that preset.
  • Use the seek buttons on the steering wheel to change to the next or previous preset radio station.
  1. Touch to scroll through the preset stations.
  2. Touch to select the SETTINGS pop-up menu. Select Media and then Radio, where the following features can be activated/deactivated:
  • Radiotext
  • Alternative Frequency (AF)
  • DAB L-Band


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