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Land Rover Discovery: Telephone system overview

Telephone system overview

For information on connecting a Bluetooth phone or device.

Note: Some Telephone system features will not operate unless the SD card supplied with the vehicle is inserted correctly into the SD card slot.

  1. Change device: Touch to search for a new, or change to another paired phone or device.
  2. Messages: Touch to select the Messages inbox, or to create a new message.
  3. Contacts: Touch to select the connected phone's Contacts list. Scroll through the list or use the alphas (A-C, D-F etc.) to find the contact more quickly.
  4. Call lists: Touch to access the connected phone's Call lists.
  5. Keypad: Touch to display the keypad.
  6. Network signal strength icon.
  7. The connected phone's battery level icon.
  8. Status display: Displays the number or contact selected.
  9. Keypad.
  10. Name of the connected phone.
  11. The connected phone's network provider.
  12. Missed calls: Indicates any missed calls.
  13. New messages: Indicates that a new message/s has been received.
  14. Settings: Touch to display the General settings menu. Select PHONE, for the following options:
  • Announce incoming messages: Turn on/off.
  • Refresh phonebook: Select to refresh the connected phone's Phonebook.
  1. Touch to make or answer a call (green button), or touch to end a call (red button).


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