Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Resuming the speed and follow mode

RES should only be used if the driver is aware of the set speed and intends to return to it.

By pressing the RES button after ACC has been cancelled (e.g. after braking), ACC will become active again provided that the set speed memory has not been erased. The original set speed will be resumed (unless a vehicle ahead causes Follow mode to become active) and the set speed will be displayed in the Message centre. Queue assist may be resumed above 10 km/h (6 mph).

Note: When the set speed is resumed, the rate of acceleration is influenced by the previously set Follow mode gap. A closer set gap will promote greater acceleration.

Note: When resuming a set speed while in a curve, acceleration is reduced. A more severe curve will reduce acceleration further. Remember that ACC and Queue assist are primarily for use when minimal steering is required.


During some situations, ACC may provide the driver with an indication that intervention is required.

An audible alarm will sound, accompanied by the message DRIVER INTERVENE in the Message centre, if ACC detects:

  • A failure has occurred while the system is active.
  • That using maximum ACC braking only is not sufficient.

Note: ACC only operates when the gear selector is in Drive (D) or Sport (S).

Note: When ACC is engaged, the accelerator pedal rests in the raised position. Fully release the pedal to allow normal ACC operation.

Note: When braking is applied by the ACC system, the vehicle's brake lamps will illuminate.

Note: When Intelligent stop/start is fitted, it may operate during a Queue assist stop.

Press the accelerator pedal for longer than normal to restart the engine and move off.


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