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Land Rover Discovery: Seat belt checks / Reminder


Note: If the vehicle is parked on an incline, the seat belt mechanism may lock. This is a safety feature and the belt should be gently eased out from the upper anchorage.

The seat belts should be inspected regularly to check for fraying, cuts, wear to the webbing and the condition and security of the mechanism, buckles, adjusters and mounting points.

  • With the seat belt fastened, give the webbing near the buckle a quick upward pull. The buckle must remain securely locked.
  • With the seat belt unfastened, unreel the seat belt to the limit of its travel.

    Check that it unreels smoothly with no snatches or snags. Allow the belt to fully retract, again checking for smooth operation.

  • Partially unreel the seat belt, then hold the tongue plate and give a quick forward pull. The mechanism must lock and prevent any further unreeling.

If any of the seat belts fail to meet those criteria, immediately contact your Retailer/Authorised Repairer.


Seat belt reminder commences when the vehicle is in motion and the driver's seat belt is unbuckled. Dependent on the market, an audible chime sounds and the warning indicator in the Instrument panel illuminates

The visual and audible warnings applicable to the Seat belt reminder feature are market dependent, to meet individual market requirements. The warning signals given may also change, depending on whether the vehicle is stationary or when the vehicle's speed exceeds a predetermined threshold. In certain markets, the Seat belt reminder feature also applies to the front passenger seat.

A graphic displayed in the Message centre indicates which seat belts are fastened at the start of a journey, and also when a seat belt is fastened or unfastened during a journey.

Each seating position is represented by a passenger icon, the colour and symbol of which indicates the seat belt status:

  • Tick/green - seat belt, in the indicated position, is fastened.
  • Cross/red - seat belt, in the indicated position, has been unfastened while the vehicle's ignition is on. This indicator will turn grey after 30 seconds.
  • Grey - seat belt not fastened.

Note: The indicators will be displayed for 30 seconds each time there is a status change, e.g., a seat belt is unfastened or fastened, or a door is opened and then closed.

In addition, an audible warning will sound under the following conditions:

  • The seat belt of an occupied front seat is not fastened, or is unfastened during a journey.
  • A rear seat belt is unfastened.

Note: If a heavy object is placed on the front passenger seat, it may activate the Seat belt reminder feature. It is recommended that any objects placed on the front passenger seat are secured using the seat belt.


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