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Land Rover Discovery: The interior

Some cleaning products contain substances that are harmful and can cause health problems if used incorrectly, and may cause damage to the vehicle's interior.

Make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

To prevent damage to your vehicle when using a valeting service, make sure to advise them of the cleaning instructions contained within the Owner's handbook.


  • Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth when cleaning switches or controls. Do not apply excessive pressure when doing so.
  • Do not spray liquids directly onto the surface of switches and controls.
  • Do not use chemical agents, solvents, or domestic cleaning products.
  • When cleaning, do not allow sharp or abrasive objects to make contact with the components.


Never use soap, ammonia, bleach or other cleaners intended for use on hard surfaces.

Do not use printed absorbent cloths or paper as they may transfer colour to the fabric.


     Leather upholstery

    Only use cleaning products specifically designed for use on leather. Do not use chemical, alcohol, or abrasive materials, as they will cause rapid deterioration of the leather. The use of produ

     Seat belts

    Do not allow any water, cleaning products, or fabric from cloths to enter the seat belt mechanism. Any substance which enters the mechanism may affect the performance of the seat belt in an impact. E

     Fluid level checks


     Engine Cooling - Ingenium i4 2.0l Diesel Cooling System Draining

    Draining CAUTIONS: The engine cooling system must be maintained with the correct concentration and type of anti-freeze solution to prevent corrosion and frost damage. Failure to follow this instruction may result in damage to the engine. Engine coolant will damage the paint finished surfaces.

     Rear View Mirrors Exterior Mirror (G1785542) / Removal and Installation

    REMOVAL CAUTIONS: Use a suitable trim tool. Take extra care not to damage the wiring harnesses. NOTES: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. RH illustration shown, LH is similar. Refer to: Front Door Trim Panel (501-05 Interior Trim and Ornamentation, Removal and

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