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Land Rover Discovery: Front Suspension Spring (G1779644) / Removal and Installation

Land Rover Discovery (2009–2016) Service Manual / Chassis / Chassis-Suspension / Front Suspension Spring (G1779644) / Removal and Installation



  • Make sure the spring compressor Safe Working Load (SWL) meets or exceeds the spring rating quoted in the Specifcations section.
  • Always follow the spring compressor manufacturer's instructions.
  • The spring is under extreme tension, care must be taken at all times. Failure to follow these instuctions may result in personal injury.


Dampers fitted with electromagnetic damping, when stored in one position for an extended period, can exhibit a characteristic where the electromagnetic damping fluid separates out into its constituent materials. This can give a false impression that the damper piston rod is seized. This is normal. Therefore, when fitting replacement electromagnetic damping dampers it is important that prior to installing the dampers, they are inverted and compressed against a suitable piece of wood by pushing downwards using body weight only. Carry out this procedure 15 times. This makes sure that the fluid is fully mixed and operating as normal. It is important that the threads on the piston rod are protected at all times.


Make sure to support the vehicle with axle stands.

Raise and support the vehicle.

Refer to: Front Shock Absorber (204-01 Front Suspension, Removal and Installation).

Front suspension spring (G1779644) Removal and installation

Front suspension spring (G1779644) Removal and installation

Inspect the component and install a new one if damaged.


Make sure the correct vehicle suspension components are installed.

Refer to: Specifications (204-00 Suspension System - General Information, Specifications).


Make sure that the spring is installed to the damper assembly with the paint marks (located on the spring) at the top.

Front suspension spring (G1779644) Removal and installation

Refer to: Front Shock Absorber (204-01 Front Suspension, Removal and Installation).

Check the suspension system ride height.


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     Interior Trim and Ornamentation 'D' Pillar Trim Panel (G1785133) / Removal and Installation

    REMOVAL CAUTION: Do not use tools during this operation, removal of the component(s) must be carried out by hand. NOTES: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. RH illustration shown, LH is similar. Refer to: Loadspace Trim Panel (501-05, Removal and Installation).

     Navigation SD card

    The Navigation SD card reader is located in the front centre cubby box. Make sure the SD card is located correctly in the card reader before operating the Navigation system. Note: If for any reason the SD card is ejected while the Navigation system is in operation, locate the SD card correctly in

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