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Land Rover Discovery: Accelerator Pedal (G1350481) / Removal and Installation

Land Rover Discovery (2009–2016) Service Manual / Powertrain / Acceleration and Speed Control / Accelerator Pedal (G1350481) / Removal and Installation



  • Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details.
  • LH illustration shown, RH is similar.

Accelerator Pedal (G1350481) Removal and Installation

Accelerator Pedal (G1350481) Removal and Installation

Torque: 10 Nm


  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.


     Speed Control

     Speed Control / Description and operation

    Speed Control Actuator (G1347794) Removal and Installation REMOVAL Refer to: Accelerator Pedal (310-02 Acceleration Control, Removal and Installation). INSTALLATION To install, reverse the removal pr

     Speed Control Switches

    Vehicles with standard speed control Vehicles with adaptive speed control Set speed '+' switch (Engage speed control/increase speed) Resume 'RES' (Resume previous set speed) Set speed '-' sw


     Rear end Sheet Metal Repairs Rear Side Member Closing Panel (G1780740) / Removal and Installation

    REMOVAL NOTE: The rear side member closing panel is installed in conjunction with: Rear bumper cover Rear bumper Rear lamp assembly Rear lamp panel outer Back panel outer Back panel inner Rear floor side extension Rear side member lower side extension Rear bumper mounting upper Spare whee

     Left Steering Column Multifunction Switch

    High beam Front fog lamp Rear fog lamp Right turn signal indicator Headlamp high beam flash Left turn signal indicator Trip computer information Side lamp Low beam Autolamps on The left steering column multifunction switch allows the following selections: All exterior lamps off Side

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