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Land Rover Discovery: Cylinder Block Components

Cylinder Block Components

  1. M6 bolt (13 off), M10 bolt (1 off)
  2. Engine front cover
  3. Cylinder block
  4. Lower timing chain cover
  5. M8 screw (16 off)
  6. M10 bolt (8 off)
  7. Dual mass flywheel (manual transmission) or drive plate (Automatic Transmission)
  8. Right dynamic balancer
  9. Left dynamic balancer
  10. Thrust washer (2 off)
  11. Upper main bearing (5 off)
  12. Crankshaft pulley / mass damper
  13. M10 bolt (4 off)
  14. Crankshaft
  15. Lower main bearing (5 off)
  16. Main bearing cap (5 off)
  17. M12 bolts (10 off) Main bearing caps
  18. Windage tray
  19. M6 screw (12 off)
  20. M8 screw (16 off)
  21. Oil pan



  1. Cylinder head
  2. Cylinder block
  3. Windage tray
  4. Oil pan



The deep skirt cast aluminum cylinder block is an in-line configuration. Thin wall, interference fit cast iron liners provide optimum weight, cylinder bore roundness and robustness. The low volume coolant jacket gives good warmup times. The cylinder block is a cross flow design with the coolant inlet to the cylinder head on the exhaust side and the coolant outlet from the cylinder head on the air inlet side.

Oil from the cylinder head drains back to the oil pan through open apertures; one located at the front of the cylinder block and one at the rear of the cylinder block between the timing chain and the lower timing chain cover.

A cast aluminum alloy, structural windage tray is bolted to the bottom of the cylinder block to further improve the cylinder block stiffness, minimize Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) and help reduce oil foaming.

Various machining ports in the cylinder block are sealed with cup plugs and threaded plugs. Removal of these is not necessary for service procedures.

In cold climate markets a block heater is fitted to the cylinder block. The heater is screwed into a threaded bore on the cylinder block, which is normally sealed with a threaded plug.



The cylinders are numbered as shown, with cylinder 1 at the front of the engine



    Thrust washers (2 off) Timing chain drive sprocket Pin - dual mass flywheel (manual transmission) or drive plate (automatic transmission) location Dynamic balancer drive gear Lower main beari

     Pistons and Connecting Rods

    Oil control ring Upper piston ring Lower compression piston ring Circlip Piston Connecting rod Connecting rod bearing cap Bolt (2 off) Lower large end bearing Upper large end bearing Sma

     Oil Pan

    Flange bolt Sprocket Variable flow oil pump with integral vacuum pump Oil level gauge Oil level gauge tube Bolt (4 off) Oil pan Bolt (16 off) Sealing washer Drain plug The oil pan is cast


     Manual Transmission Transaxle Transmission Fluid Level Check (G2162887) / General Procedures

    CHECK WARNING: Observe due care when draining, as the fluid can be very hot. All vehicles WARNING: Make sure to support the vehicle with axle stands. NOTE: Make sure that the vehicle is standing on a level surface. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to: Engine Undershield (501-02 Front End Body Pa

     Engine System - General Information Bearing Inspection (G61255) / General Procedures

    GENERAL PROCEDURES Inspect bearings for the following defects. Cratering - fatigue failure Spot polishing - incorrect seating. Imbedded dirt engine oil. Scratching - dirty engine oil Base exposed - poor lubrication. Both edges worn - journal damaged. One edge worn - journal tapered or bear

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