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Land Rover Discovery: Interior Lighting / Description and Operation

Land Rover Discovery (2009–2016) Service Manual / Electrical / Lighting / Autolamps / Interior Lighting / Description and Operation



  1. Central Junction Box (CJB)
  2. Instrument panel illumination
  3. Approach lamp - door mirror
  4. Door ambience lighting Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  5. Luggage compartment ambience lighting LEDs
  6. Luggage compartment lamp
  7. Tailgate latch - ajar switch
  8. Rear interior lamps



  1. Interior lamp and reading lamps
  2. Vanity mirror illumination
  3. Footwell lamps
  4. Right treadplate LEDs
  5. Driver door latch - ajar switch
  6. Right rear door latch - ajar switch
  7. Left rear door latch - ajar switch
  8. Passenger door latch - ajar switch
  9. Left treadplate LEDs
  10. Glovebox switch and lamp assembly


The interior lighting system includes:

  • An approach lamp in each door mirror
  • Two footwell lamp for the passenger and driver
  • A glovebox lamp and switch
  • An interior lamp and two reading lamps in the overhead console
  • Two vanity mirror lamps in the headliner
  • Ambience lighting Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in the center console
  • Ambience lighting LEDs on each door
  • Ambience LED's in the luggage compartment
  • Three interior lamps in the rear
  • One luggage compartment lamp and a tailgate latch switch.

All of the interior lamps are controlled by the Central Junction Box (CJB).

The approach lamps, interior lamp, footwell lamps and rear interior lamps provide courtesy lighting, which operates automatically. The CJB operates these lamps simultaneously when the vehicle is locked and unlocked, the doors open and close, the start/stop switch is pressed and the interior lamp is selected on and off.

The CJB operates the load space lamps automatically when the tailgate is opened and closed.

The ambience lighting LED's in the center console, on each door and in the luggage compartment operate with the courtesy lighting and with selection of the side lamps and headlamps. There are two variants of ambient lighting depending on market and model specification:

  • Phosphor blue only
  • Configurable, from phosphor blue, pale blue, white, coral or red, which, if not already selected, changes to red when the vehicle is in the dynamic mode.

The glovebox illumination lamp operates automatically when the glovebox door is opened or closed. The side lamps or headlamps do not need to be selected for the glovebox illumination lamp to operate.

The approach lamps are selected on and off by their related door module, in response to a medium speed Controller Area Network (CAN) body systems bus signal from the CJB.


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