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Land Rover Discovery: Handles, Locks, Latches and Entry Systems - Component Location



  1. Left hood latch (including microswitch)
  2. Hood safety latch
  3. Right hood latch
  4. Right front interior door handle
  5. Right front exterior door handle
  6. Right front door latch
  7. Right rear interior door handle
  8. Right rear exterior door handle
  9. Right rear door latch
  10. Fuel flap assembly
  11. Tailgate actuator
  12. Tailgate latch
  13. Left rear door latch
  14. Left rear exterior door handle
  15. Left rear interior door handle
  16. Left front door latch
  17. Left front exterior door handle
  18. Left front interior door handle
  19. Hood release lever



Right Hand Drive (RHD) shown


  1. Hood switch
  2. Central Junction Box (CJB)
  3. Right headlamp assembly
  4. Radio Frequency (RF) receiver
  5. Driver door - Central Door Locking (CDL) lock/unlock switch assembly
  6. Driver Door Module (DDM)
  7. Right door mirror - approach lamp
  8. Right rear door CDL lock switch
  9. Right rear door module
  10. Right tail lamp assembly
  11. Left tail lamp assembly
  12. Tailgate open switch
  13. Tailgate close switch
  14. Keyless Vehicle Module (KVM)
  15. Left rear door module
  16. Left rear door CDL lock switch
  17. Passenger Door Module (PDM)
  18. Passenger door CDL lock switch
  19. Left door mirror - approach lamp
  20. Left headlamp assembly


All the vehicle hinged panels are secured by latches with mating strikers.

The latches incorporate panel ajar switches that will inform the driver of an open door, tailgate or hood.

The Central Door Locking (CDL) system is operated by either the smart key or the interior CDL switches. The CDL system controls the automatic locking and unlocking of the vehicle entry points. The software used to control the CDL system is incorporated within the Central Junction Box (CJB).

The CDL system is also integrated with the interior lighting function. The interior lights and exterior mirror approach lamps are illuminated via the Radio Frequency (RF) receiver and the CJB following a valid unlock request from the smart key.

For additional information, refer to: Interior Lighting (417-02, Description and Operation).

If configured, the door mirror powerfold function is also operated by the CDL system.

A concealed emergency key barrel is provided in the front driver door exterior handle, and is used to gain access to the vehicle if the battery is discharged or the CDL system fails.


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