Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Hood Latch

Hood latch

  1. Right striker
  2. Right hood latch
  3. Hood safety latch
  4. Hood safety latch guide
  5. Left striker
  6. Left hood latch
  7. Hood switch
  8. Hood release lever

The hood is secured in the closed position by two latches located on each side of the hood latch panel. The hood release lever is located below the instrument panel on the left 'A' pillar and is connected with a cable to the hood latches. Operation of the hood release lever will open both hood latches and release the hood.

A mechanically operated hood safety latch is installed at the front center of the hood. The hood safety latch prevents the hood from fully opening in the event that the hood latches are open, and the vehicle is in motion. The hood safety latch is spring operated to bias the latch to the latched position. A lever on the hood safety latch must be pressed to release the hood safety latch from the mating latch plate when the hood is to be fully opened.

The left hood latch incorporates a hood ajar switch that is hardwired to the CJB. If the ignition is in power modes 4 or 6 and the hood is open or is not fully closed, the hood ajar switch is opened to disconnect the ground from the CJB. A message is transmitted by the CJB on the high speed Controller Area Network (CAN) powertrain systems bus to the Gateway Module (GWM), where it is passed to the Instrument Cluster (IC) on the medium speed CAN comfort systems bus, to inform the driver with a message that the hood is ajar.



  1. Tailgate actuator
  2. Electrical connector
  3. Tailgate latch
  4. Striker
  5. Tailgate close switch - power tailgate only
  6. Tailgate open switch

The tailgate latch assembly is mounted at the bottom center of the tailgate interior panel and is an electrically operated unit. The tailgate latch is operated by a remote tailgate latch actuator which is connected to the latch via a cable. The tailgate latch actuator receives a power supply via a hardwired connection from the CJB.

A tailgate open switch is housed above a rubber touch-pad that is located on the underside of the tailgate exterior finisher. Operation of the switch initiates unlocking of the tailgate latch allowing the tailgate to be opened.

The tailgate latch is released by the CJB when the vehicle is stationary and either the Smart key switch is pressed, or the tailgate open switch is operated.

On vehicles with a power tailgate, a tailgate close switch is located in the underside of the tailgate and is only accessible when the tailgate is open.


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