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Land Rover Discovery: Power Steering - Overview



  1. Steering gear
  2. Steering column intermediate shaft
  3. Heat shield


The vehicle is fitted with electric power steering, provided by a ZF Servolectric steering gear unit with variable ratio, rack and pinion steering and speed sensitive power assistance. Power assistance is from an electric motor attached to the steering gear.

The steering gear also incorporates:

  • A Power Steering Control Module (PSCM), on the end of the electric motor.
  • A reduction gear.
  • A torque sensor on the gear mechanism.

Power assistance is controlled by the PSCM, which uses the electric motor to apply an axial force on the steering rack via the reduction gear. The level of power assistance depends on the:

  • steering torque applied with the steering wheel,
  • vehicle speed, and
  • terrain response mode selected.

The PSCM also uses the electric motor to provide the following assistance features:

  • Pull drift compensation.
  • Assistance changes during Eco Stop/Start functions.
  • Assistance reduction if system overheats.
  • Assistance reduction if supply voltage is too low or high.
  • Assistance reduction for system stability optimization.
  • Soft end stops.
  • Park assist support / interface (where fitted).

For additional information, refer to: Parking Aid (413-13 Parking Aid, Description and Operation).

  • Lane Departure Warning support (where fitted).

    For additional information, refer to: Warning Devices (413-09 Warning Devices, Description and Operation).


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