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Land Rover Discovery: Audio System


 Component location - Incontrol touch/ Incontrol plus

COMPONENT LOCATION - INCONTROL TOUCH - 6 SPEAKER AUDIO SYSTEM Front right bass speaker Front right tweeter speaker Rear right bass speaker Roof pod Antenna amplifier FM/DAB-III Radio Frequenc

 Audio System - Overview

The audio system is available in five versions. Three of the systems use an Audio Head Unit (AHU) and two use an Integrated Audio Module (IAM). All systems are controlled using an 8" Touch Screen (TS

 Audio System / Description

TOUCH SCREEN (TS) Touch Screen - Audio Head Unit - InControl Touch Audio Systems Infotainment system On/Off switch 'Camera' switch 'Parking Aid' On/Off switch (if fitted) 'General Settings' 'P


 Rear Drive Axle - Differential - Vehicles with- Active Driveline Differential Front Bushing (G1781299) / Removal and Installation

SPECIAL TOOL(S) REMOVAL WARNING: Make sure to support the vehicle with axle stands. Raise and support the vehicle. Remove the rear differential. Refer to: Differential Case (205-02 Rear Drive Axle/Differential - Vehicles With: Active Driveline, Removal and Installation). CAUTIONS: Mark the

 Hidden storage compartment

There is a hidden storage compartment underneath the front cup holder on the centre console. To access the storage compartment: Press the button on the top of the front cup holder. Lift and remove the cup holder to reveal the hidden storage compartment. Replace the cup holder and gently push dow

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