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Land Rover Discovery: Information and Entertainment System

Land Rover Discovery (2009–2016) Service Manual / Electrical / Information and Entertainment System



COMPONENT LOCATION Radio Frequency (RF) filter Amplitude Modulation (AM)/Frequency Modulation (FM) antenna amplifier Television (TV) antenna amplifier TV antenna amplifier Global Positioning Sy

 Audio System

 Component location - Incontrol touch/ Incontrol plus

COMPONENT LOCATION - INCONTROL TOUCH - 6 SPEAKER AUDIO SYSTEM Front right bass speaker Front right tweeter speaker Rear right bass speaker Roof pod Antenna amplifier FM/DAB-III Radio Frequenc


 Front Drive Halfshafts Front Right Halfshaft - RHD AWD- lHD AWD (G1794495)  - Installation

Installation CAUTIONS: Make sure that the mating faces are clean and free of corrosion and foreign material. Make sure the seal is installed correctly. NOTE: This step is only required if previously removed. Special Tool(s): 205-872 CAUTION: Keep the halfshaft horizontal to avoid damaging the

 Rear direction indicator and reversing lamp bulb replacement

Replacing a rear direction indicator: Remove the appropriate loadspace vent door. Rotate the rear lamp's retaining screw counter-clockwise, until fully released and then remove. This allows the rear lamp unit to be withdrawn. At the back of the rear lamp unit, rotate the bulb holder count

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