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Land Rover Discovery: Telematics



  1. Overhead console - Telematics speaker and b-Call and e-Call switches
  2. Global Positioning System (GPS) signal splitter
  3. Telematics Control Module (TCU)
  4. Rood pod - Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) antenna
  5. Touch Screen (TS)
  6. Restraints Control Module (RCM)
  7. Sim Card Reader


Telematics is a system of devices and features which communicates with other devices or with human users over several communications networks including vehicle networks and cellular networks Global System for Mobile communications (GSM).

The telematics system is integrated into the vehicle powertrain and body MultiCAN systems and communicates with the vehicle infotainment system.

The system is controlled by a Telematics Control Module (TCU).

Land Rover's telematics system is marketed under the name of 'InControl' Telematics is a combination of built-in mobile connectivity, global satellite location information and vehicle status and control. The system provides:

  • Emergency Call Support
  • Breakdown Call
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking/Recovery
  • Smart Phone Applications.

The telematics system also features an in-vehicle WiFi hotspot using access to a 3G cellular network. The system enables the customer to access an internet connected WiFi service via the Telematics Control module and a SIM Card Reader which contains the users SIM card.

For NAS customers, the SIM card is provided to the customer, the customer is not able to register with the network of their choice.

The WiFi hotspot provides the following features:

The WiFi hotspot provides the following features:

  • In-vehicle internet connection for WiFi enabled devices
  • A Local Area Network (LAN) for more than one device, for example; for gaming
  • The internet connection is provided by the Telematics Control Module, using a customer provided Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card located in the SIM Card Reader.



 Telematics Control Module (TCU)

Battery cover Battery pack Battery tray Electrical connector GPS antenna connector GSM antenna connector Telematics Control Module The TCU is located in the right rear corner of the luggage

 SIM Card Reader

USB port (Land Rover Engineering use only) SIM card holder release switch SIM card holder SIM card The SIM Card Reader is located below the steering column, behind the instrument panel lower

 Front Overhead Console

Microphone - Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicles Microphone - Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicles Telematics speaker Emergency call (eCall) switch Breakdown call (bCall) switch The front overhead cons


 Front Drive Halfshafts Front Right Halfshaft - RHD AWD- lHD AWD (G1794495)  - Installation

Installation CAUTIONS: Make sure that the mating faces are clean and free of corrosion and foreign material. Make sure the seal is installed correctly. NOTE: This step is only required if previously removed. Special Tool(s): 205-872 CAUTION: Keep the halfshaft horizontal to avoid damaging the

 Blind spot monitoring

BLIND SPOT MONITOR (BSM) The Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) system is a supplement to, not a replacement for, a safe driving style and use of the exterior and rear-view mirrors. The system may not function under all speeds, weather and road conditions. The BSM may not be able to give adequate warning of v

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