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Land Rover Discovery: SIM Card Reader

SIM Card reader

  1. USB port (Land Rover Engineering use only)
  2. SIM card holder release switch
  3. SIM card holder
  4. SIM card

The SIM Card Reader is located below the steering column, behind the instrument panel lower trim panel.

The SIM Card Reader is used to establish the InControl Wi-Fi feature. The SIM Card Reader contains the users SIM card which enables the system to register to a network of personal choice. For NAS market the SIM is provided to the customer and the customer can not select the network provider.

The SIM card is placed in the SIM Card Reader which is directly connected to the TCU. The SIM card reader utilises a 'Mini-SIM' interface. If the SIM card is a different size, for example 'Micro-SIM', an adaptor or replacement SIM card will be required.

To install a SIM card, press the SIM card holder release switch to open the SIM card holder. Insert the SIM card into the holder and close the holder.


If the SIM card has been previously used in a mobile phone or other device and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) has been set, the PIN must be removed before use in the vehicle.

The SIM Card Reader is connected to the Telematics Control Module for transfer of SIM data between the modules.


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