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Land Rover Discovery: Video System


Video System

  1. TV antenna amplifier/Fuel Fired Booster Heater (FFBH) receiver
  2. Frequency Modulation (FM) antenna amplifier
  3. Television (TV) antenna amplifier
  4. Amplitude Modulation (AM)/Frequency Modulation (FM) antenna amplifier
  5. Wireless headphones
  6. Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) screen (2 off)
  7. RSE Control Module (RSECM)
  8. Television Control Module (TVCM)
  9. Audio Amplifier Module (AAM)
  10. Clockspring
  11. Left steering wheel switchpack
  12. Integrated Audio Module (IAM)
  13. Touch Screen (TS)
  14. Headphone transmitter
  15. RSE remote control


Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) is only available on vehicles with InControl Touch Plus and InControl Touch Plus with Meridian Surround audio systems.

The fiber optic, Media Oriented System Transport (MOST) based system provides video and audio entertainment for the front and rear seat occupants. The system allows rear seat occupants to view Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) video and Television (TV) on two Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) screens, listen to audio output via the vehicle speakers or wireless headphones or display video images on the RSE screens from an external source, such as a video player or games console.

TV and DVD video images can also be displayed on the Touch Screen (TS) if the vehicle is below a predetermined speed threshold or has dual-view TS fitted (where market regulations allow).

The system comprises the following components:

  • TVCM
  • Three TV Antennas
  • Three TV antenna amplifiers
  • Two RSE screens
  • RSE remote control
  • Headphone transmitter
  • Wireless headphones
  • Audio Visual Input/Output (AVIO) panel.

The RSE system also uses other components which form part of the audio system as follows:

  • Touch Screen (TS)
  • Integrated Audio Module (IAM)
  • Audio amplifier Module (AAM)
  • Vehicle speakers.
  • For additional information, refer to: Audio System (415-01 Information and Entertainment System, Description and Operation).


Touch screen (TS)


 Touch Screen - Integrated Audio Module Systems

Infotainment system On/Off or 'Camera' switch 'Parking Aid' switch (if fitted) 'General Settings' or 'Park Assist' switch 'Home Menu' switch 'Mode' or 'Dual-View' switch 'Media System' switch

 Rear Seat Entertainment Control Module (RSECM)

Connector - 12V power supply to RSE screens, power supply from BJB and ground Connector - AVIO panel audio/video input, private medium speed CAN to RSE screens AVIO panel connector - USB in

 Television Control Module (TVCM)

Connectors - TV Antenna amplifiers CVBS connector - Output to Touch Screen (TS) LVDS connector - Output to RSECM Connector - MOST Connector - 12V power supply from Battery Junction Box (BJB)


 Handles, Locks, Latches and Entry Systems - Component Location

COMPONENT LOCATION - LOCKS AND LATCHES Left hood latch (including microswitch) Hood safety latch Right hood latch Right front interior door handle Right front exterior door handle Right front door latch Right rear interior door handle Right rear exterior door handle Right rear door latch

 Rear Armature (G1780372) / Removal and Installation

REMOVAL NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. All vehicles WARNING: Make sure to support the vehicle with axle stands. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to: Rear Bumper Cover (501-19, Removal and Installation). Vehicles with occasional rear seats WARNING: O

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