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Land Rover Discovery: Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones

  1. Headphone transmitter
  2. Wireless headphone

The headphone transmitter is located in the overhead console assembly and replaces the sunglasses holder.

The headphone transmitter transmits audio output for reception by the wireless headphones for the front and rear seat passengers. The headphone transmitter is connected to the Audio Amplifier Module (AAM) via a Low- Voltage Differential Signal (LVDS) plug connector. Audio data is relayed to the headphone transmitter from the AAM via the LVDS line. The AAM also supplies the power and ground for the headphone transmitter. The audio signal, is then passed on to the wireless headphone(s) via a Whitefire digital infra-red signal to any seating position within the interior of the vehicle. The digital signal means that each headphone user is able to listen to a different audio source.


Providing an audio source is directed to the headphone transmitter, faint red lights can be seen behind the smoked glass cover of the headphone transmitter. This can be useful for diagnosis to prove audio infra-red transmission is active.

The headphone system includes Dolby headphone 7.1 channel surround sound when listening to the DVD source.

The system can support up to three pairs of wireless headphones. When a dual-view screen is fitted, the front passenger can listen to TV/DVD (digital versatile disc) and when Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) screens are fitted, rear passengers can listen to selected source on RSE screen. The headphones have an adjustable headband which operates on a ratchet mechanism.

The left side and the right side of the wireless headphone houses the infrared receiver sensors which receive the transmitted signals from the headphone transmitter.

Two AAA batteries are located below a sliding cover. When inserting the batteries it is important that the battery polarity is observed as marked in the battery compartment.

Wireless headphones

  1. On/Off switch
  2. Audio channel select switch
  3. Volume control

The right side of the wireless headphone houses the volume control, a channel select switch and a power 'ON' Light Emitting Diode (LED). The channel select switch allows the user to select alternative audio channels (rear left/right, dual-view audio source) when active. The power 'ON' LED is illuminated when the on/off switch on the right side of the wireless headphone is operated. The LED will remain on and the wireless headphone powered until the switch is operated for a second time. If the wireless headphone has not received an infra-red signal from the headphone transmitter for several minutes, they will automatically switch off to prevent battery drain.



  1. Infrared sensor
  2. Connector - 12V supply, ground, private CAN
  3. Connector LVDS - from RSECM

The RSE screens are located in the rear of the front seat head restraints. The screen is secured in the head restraint with one screw and 2 metal clips which are covered by a removable surround. The screen is an 8 inch, auto dimming, 800X480 resolution Thin Film Transistor (TFT) monitor.

An infrared receiver sensor is located centrally in the bottom portion of the screen surround. The sensor receives infrared transmissions from the RSE remote control and passes them to the RSECM on a private CAN bus system which is connected between the RSECM and the RSE screens. The RSECM can then transmit any relevant messages onto the MOST ring. All screen settings can be changed using the RSE remote control.

Each RSE screen is connected to the RSECM using a 12 pin harness connector and 2 pin LVDS video connector.

The screen should be cleaned with a lightly, water moistened cloth. Do not use chemical agents or domestic products to clean the screen or any part of the surround.


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