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Land Rover Discovery: Portable Audio Interface Panel

Portable Audio Interface Panel

  1. For InControl Touch systems with Navigation
  2. For InControl Touch Plus and InControl Touch Plus with Meridian surround System
  3. For InControl Touch systems, InControl Touch Plus system and InControl Touch Plus with Meridian surround System with Telematics system
  4. For InControl Touch system

The portable audio interface panel is located in the front floor console stowage compartment.

Two versions of the portable audio interface panel are available. Both versions include a 3.5mm auxiliary media input socket, a Universal Serial Bus (USB) 1.0/2.0 socket and a 12V accessory socket.

For additional information, refer to: Audio System (415-01 Information and Entertainment System, Description and Operation).



  1. USB socket
  2. Red AV socket - Right audio input
  3. White AV socket - Left audio input
  4. Yellow AV socket - Composite video input

The AVIO panel is located in the rear of the floor console.

The panel provides for the connection of auxiliary audio and video inputs from an external source, such as a games console, via three AV sockets on the panel.

The sockets are connected to the RSECM and allow the auxiliary input video to be played on the RSE screens and the audio to be played on the vehicle speakers or on the wireless headphones. The auxiliary input video cannot be displayed on the TS.

The single USB socket allows for the attachment of an auxiliary audio input, such as iPod/iPhone, an MP3 player or a USB flash drive. The socket is connected directly to the RSECM and allows audio to be selectable on the RSE screens and played on the wireless headphones or through the vehicle speakers. It will also allow standard definition Div X video files to be played from a USB memory stick.


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    COMPONENT LOCATION - INCONTROL TOUCH AUDIO SYSTEMS Touch Screen (TS) Left steering wheel switchpack Instrument Cluster (IC) Microphone Portable audio interface panel Audio Head Unit (AHU) CO

     Overview - Incontrol Touch Audio Systems

    NOTE: Navigation through the voice control system is not available in Asia markets. The voice control system provides the driver with the option of voice control for a range of supported functions.


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