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Land Rover Discovery: Touch Screen - Integrated Audio Module Systems

Touch Screen - Integrated Audio Module Systems

  1. Infotainment system On/Off or 'Camera' switch
  2. 'Parking Aid' switch (if fitted)
  3. 'General Settings' or 'Park Assist' switch
  4. 'Home Menu' switch
  5. 'Mode' or 'Dual-View' switch
  6. 'Media System' switch
  7. 'Telephone System' switch
  8. 'Navigation' or 'Audio Settings' switch
  9. Connector - LVDS input from Integrated Audio Module (IAM) or Navigation control module (Japan or Asia markets)
  10. Connector - LVDS output to Instrument Cluster (IC)
  11. Connector - Touch screen switchpack
  12. Connector - Media Oriented System Transport (MOST)
  13. Connector - CVBS video input from Parking Aid Control Module (PACM) or rear view camera
  14. Connector - CVBS video input from Television Control Module (TVCM) or Rear Seat Entertainment Control Module (RSECM)
  15. Connector - CVBS video input from Integrated Audio Module (IAM)
  16. Connector - CVBS video output to RSECM
  17. Connector - power, ground, medium speed CAN comfort systems bus, left steering wheel switchpack input

The 8 inch 800 X 480 resolution, Touch Screen (TS) is located in the center of the instrument panel. The TS comprises an color, touch sensitive display, with a TS switchpack located on either side.

Two versions of the TS are available; single view and dual view.


Due to legislation, certain markets do not receive this dual-view option. A single view display is available in these markets.

The TS is connected to the Media Oriented System Transport (MOST) ring and communicates with the other components in the audio/infotainment system.

When the vehicle systems become active the TS is woken up by CAN bus activity and subsequently wakes up the other audio system modules via the MOST.

The TS is the primary user interface of the audio system. It communicates with the other components of the audio/infotainment system on the MOST ring and allows control of the audio system and other infotainment systems from a single point.

The TS communicates with the RSE Control module (RSECM) and Television (TV) Control Module (TVCM) via MOST ring. Composite Video Baseband Signal (CVBS) is used to transmit video images from/to the RSECM and TVCM.

The TS also provides driver display and control of the audio system, telephone, the rear view camera, proximity cameras, and the navigation system.

For additional information, refer to: Audio System (415-01 Information and Entertainment System, Description and Operation).


     Rear Seat Entertainment Control Module (RSECM)

    Connector - 12V power supply to RSE screens, power supply from BJB and ground Connector - AVIO panel audio/video input, private medium speed CAN to RSE screens AVIO panel connector - USB in

     Television Control Module (TVCM)

    Connectors - TV Antenna amplifiers CVBS connector - Output to Touch Screen (TS) LVDS connector - Output to RSECM Connector - MOST Connector - 12V power supply from Battery Junction Box (BJB)

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