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Land Rover Discovery: Rear Seat Entertainment Control Module (RSECM)

Rear seat entertainment control module (RSECM)

  1. Connector - 12V power supply to RSE screens, power supply from BJB and ground
  2. Connector - AVIO panel audio/video input, private medium speed CAN to RSE screens
  3. AVIO panel connector - USB input
  4. LVDS connector - video output to right RSE screen
  5. LVDS connector - video output to left RSE screen
  6. Connector - MOST
  7. CVBS connector - TV video output to Touch Screen (TS)/Video input from TS
  8. LVDS connector - video input from TV control module

The RSECM is located below the front right seat. The RSECM is secured to a mounting bracket with bolts.

The RSECM receives a power supply via fuses and a relay in the Quiescent Current Control Module (QCCM). The QCCM receives a power supply via the Battery Junction Box (BJB). On vehicles with the stop/start system, the power from the BJB is supplied to the QCCM via the Voltage Quality Module (VQM).

The RSECM manages the request signals from the RSE remote control, receives video and audio inputs from the IAM, TVCM and AVIO panel and outputs TV video to the TS and RSE screens and audio to the Audio Amplifier Module (AAM).

The RSECM is connected directly to the following modules for the purpose of processing audio, video, input and output signals:

  • TS - Connected via CVBS video - Processes DVD video from IAM to RSE screens
  • AAM - Connected via MOST - Processes audio signals for output on vehicle speaker system or wireless headphones
  • TVCM - Connected via Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) - TV signals are processed and passed to TS and RSE screens
  • RSE screens/RSE remote control - Connected to RSE screens via Low- Voltage Differential Signalling (LVDS) and a private medium speed Controller Area Network (CAN) - Processes wireless infra-red signals from RSE remote control
  • AVIO panel - Connected via audio/video/USB (universal serial bus) - Processes audio and video signals from remote source.



  1. Press and hold to turn off the rear media system.
  2. Left screen select
  3. Right screen select
  4. Video source select
  5. Navigation summary (Brazil only: 1/12 screen segment select)
  6. Browse/TV channel list
  7. DVD menu
  8. Next track/file/channel/station
  9. Previous track/file/channel/station
  10. Play/Pause
  11. Repeat (Brazil only: Repeat and 'Red' selections)
  12. Information (Brazil only: Information and 'Yellow' selections)
  13. Subtitles on/off (Brazil only: Subtitles on/off and 'Green' selections)
  14. Press to select any available TV streams
  15. Cabin audio volume on/off
  16. Shuffle (Brazil only: Shuffle and 'Blue' selections)
  17. Passenger compartment audio volume decrease/mute
  18. Passenger compartment audio volume increase
  19. Back: Press to go back to previous menu
  20. Radio band select (Brazil only: Radio band select and interactive TV select)
  21. Audio source select
  22. OK: Press to confirm selection
  23. Cursor control - Up
  24. Cursor control - Right
  25. Cursor control - Down
  26. Cursor control - Left

The RSE remote control allows independent multimedia control for left and right rear seat passengers.

The RSE remote control allows selection of various entertainment system functions. The options, when selected, activate menus displayed in the RSE screens mounted in the head restraints. The menus can be navigated using a five-way switch on the RSE remote control.

The RSE remote control is powered by two AAA batteries located in the rear of the remote control. the batteries can be accessed by removing the chrome plated cover.


Make sure the polarity of the batteries matches that shown inside the remote control's battery compartment.


Battery disposal: Used batteries must be disposed of correctly, as they contain harmful substances. Seek advice on disposal from your local authority.

The RSE remote control transmits an infra-red digital signal in response to operation of a switch or soft key. The infra-red signal is received by a receiver sensor located on each RSE screen. The RSE remote control also allows selection of an auxiliary input from the AVIO panel (video or games console) or selection of audio (radio or CD (compact disc)).


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