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Land Rover Discovery: Hydraulic Brake Actuation / Description and Operation

Land Rover Discovery (2009–2016) Service Manual / Chassis / Chassis-Brake-System / Hydraulic Brake Actuation / Description and Operation



Right Hand Drive (RHD) illustration shown, Left Hand Drive (LHD) illustration similar.

Hydraulic brake actuation description and operation

  1. Brake pedal
  2. Hydraulic pipes
  3. Integrated Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU) and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) module
  4. Brake master cylinder and fluid reservoir.


The hydraulic brake system is a diagonally split, dual circuit system and consists of the brake pedal, brake master cylinder, fluid reservoir, Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU) and the brake pipes and hoses.

The preformed rigid brake pipes distribute pressure from the master cylinder to flexible hoses connected to the front and rear calipers, via the integrated HCU and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) control module.




  1. Brake pedal switch operating plate
  2. Brake pedal switch

The brake pedal is mounted in a bracket attached to the rear side of the engine bulkhead. The brake pedal is connected to the brake booster push rod with a clevis pin.

The brake pedal switch is mounted on the brake pedal bracket and operated by a plate attached to the brake pedal. The brake pedal switch is a combined switch, contains a stop lamp switch and a brake test switch in one housing. Both switches are connected hardwired to the Central Junction Box (CJB), to give independent signals of brake pedal operation.


 Brake Master Cylinder and Fluid Reservoir

Brake fluid reservoir cap Brake fluid level switch Brake fluid reservoir Secondary circuit inlet port Primary circuit inlet port Brake master cylinder Secondary circuit outlet port Primary

 Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU)

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) control module Secondary circuit port Left front caliper port Right front caliper port Primary circuit port Left rear caliper port Right rear caliper port Hydra

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